“They are trekking through rural southern Africa to raise awareness about early childhood development”

Picture From Aluwani Foundation
Some of the children helped by the Aluwani Foundation (Aluwani Foundation, https://www.facebook.com/AluwaniZA/)

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If you read through many of the archived history books in the world, you’ll find that most of the revolutions, protests and other dramatic social changes were orchestrated by one person, two comrades or at most a handful of youth leaders. 

As I write this, an old quote by Margaret Mead about the power of a small group echoes: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Great examples of such youth in our times include Malala Yousafzai, Sandile Shezi, Rebeca Gyumi, Ludwick Marishane, Thato Khamanyane and many more. These youths make one wonder: what is it about being under 30 that most game-changing leaders are in that group?

I think it is their risk-taking nature that comes with being young and without much burden. 

Instead of channelling their boldness and carefree nature into trying dangerous substances, living recklessly and saying “whatever” to everything, these youths channel their innate courage into thinking up solutions that can transform the quality of many people, without fear of disapproval from others.

Another great example of such youth is Tom David and Warren Handley from Cape Town in South Africa. 

These two young men have been trekking through southern Africa after they summited Mount Kilimanjaro in April. The purpose of their walk is to help marginalised communities, parents and caregivers get a better understanding of the importance of early childhood development. 

They are walking from Tanzania to Malawi (their current destination), to Zambia, to Zimbabwe, then to Botswana until they arrive in Johannesburg in South Africa.

Throughout their walk, they will be stopping at villages to teach locals how to make toys from waste (the packaging found in the garbage) like milk cartons, vegetable sacks, old pantyhose and other items. 

This is a way of teaching parents and caregivers to recycle used packing, to make toys that their children can play with as a means of stimulating their imaginations and ability to think further than what they see in hindsight. 

South Africans Trek For Aluwani Foundation 2

The journey is a 6000 kilometres (3700 miles) walk and the two guys will be living on $2 a day (the South African food poverty line).

Their walk is to raise funds for Aluwani Foundation and heighten awareness about orphaned and vulnerable children and the importance of early childhood development in rural communities across southern Africa.

They need donations towards the cause in order for children in South Africa to be afforded the required resources for effective early childhood development to be a part of their growth.

Help Tom and Warren empower toddlers by donating here. Follow their journey on social media @WalkWithUs2017 (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

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