“Our Promoting Child Education event attracted more than 500 community members and officials”

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The focus was on supporting wives and daughters at both work and home (Sylvia Kakyo)

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Supporting girls in rural school areas was a major theme at the event, as Global Youth Ambassador Sylvia Kakyo explains.

We held an event about “Promoting Child Education” at Kinyabuhara Primary School in Fort Portal, Uganda.

There was much emphasis on rural school areas where cases of school dropouts, absenteeism, early child marriages and child labour are very common. 

The event attracted more than 500 community members, religious leaders, youth leaders, NGOs, CSO, CBOs and government representatives to mention but a few. Thank you!

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The event attracted hundreds of community members (Sylvia Kakyo)

Through the event we focused on the following areas.

Support wives to work

I appealed to husbands to allow their wives to work so that they can be in position to share the responsibilities of parenthood. 

I also told them that allowing women to work will improve the standards of living in their homes and allow them to give their children a good quality of life.

Reintegration of teenage mothers

I appealed to parents to be supportive to their daughters when they become pregnant. I condemned discriminative education policies which provide for the expulsion of pregnant girls without offering an opportunity for readmission. 

I also appealed to teachers and school heads to readmit teenage mothers and support them to excel academically.

Gya Kakyo Girls Initiatives 3

Religious leaders and youth leaders came together to discuss education (Sylvia Kakyo)

Supporting girls at home

I called upon parents to teach boys to help their sisters so that they can share familial roles which often disproportionately fall on the girls, denying them a chance to study. 

I also asked parents to be supportive to their daughters and to create a conducive environment for them at home where they can freely express their feelings, aspirations and fears. 

This will give girls a sense of belonging and it could keep them from seeking attention elsewhere, leading to early pregnancies.

The Member of Parliament for Fort Portal Municipality, the Hon Alex Ruhunda, attended the event.

He talked about focusing on the child as an asset and why we have to strive hard to get them quality education.

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