#UpForSchool support from former Zambian vice president has boosted my campaigning

Meeting the former Vice President of Zambia, Hon. Rev Dr Nevers Mumba, was an honour. As he signed the #UpForSchool Petition I was delighted to learn how much he values education and the schooling of every single child. 

Knowing that he had achieved so much but is still concerned about the plight of voiceless children all over the world encouraged me to continue to drive the petition forward – reminding world leaders of the urgent need to prioritise providing access to education.  

Education brought Africa and the world to the stage of development in which we now exist. To compromise the education of children is to compromise the future of the world. 

We cannot blame the little boy for joining a street gang and committing crimes from the age of seven – when we stand by watching as his family drowns in poverty and he is forced out of his home and out of school to a life of street begging.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Wars and conflict have turned innocent children into killing machines with no regard for the sanctity of life, no idea of of wrong and right. 

Every child dropout is our problem as a society. It may not be apparent now but if we don’t make a change and address the need for access to education FOR ALL, the problem of child dropouts and the consequences  will engulf society, destroying the progress nations worked so hard to build. â¨

Every individual, institution, community and authority must act now. Stand #UpForSchool. Take the first step and sign the petition that will put pressure for positive change in child education.