“I worked as a volunteer in a child-friendly space for children affected by conflict in Yemen”

Gya Sadam Al Adwar From Yemen

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Volunteers' Week has been held in the United Kingdom this week. So we asked some of our Global Youth Ambassadors to share the volunteer work they're doing - here's an update from Yemen.

I want to share with you an example of my volunteer work.

I was working for the last four months with UNICEF Yemen as a volunteer in a “child-friendly space” for children in areas effected by conflict in Marib, Yemen.

We targeted more than 200 children by implementing different activities aimed to provide psychological and social support for children in the affected cities from the conflict.

Gya Sadam Al Adwar From Yemen At Unicef Child Friendly Space

Sadam Al-Adwar at the UNICEF child-friendly space

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