Watch how a plan to get more girls in Sierra Leone into school is working

Girls' education

More girls in Sierra Leone are now going to school after the government starting paying for their tuition.

Many schools were destroyed in the country's decade-long civil war and families often chose to send only their sons to classes because of the cost.

But funding from the Global Partnership for Education has meant hundreds of new classrooms have been built.

A video made by the World Bank shows how that programme and the free schooling for girls provided by the government has seen a big increase in the number of girls going to school. In some areas, girls' enrollment is now higher than boys.

But there is still some way to go. UNICEF's annual report for Sierra Leone for 2013 showed that more than 22% of children aged six to 14 are still out of school, particularly in poor areas. The report says: “Enrollment of girls in school drops sharply as they enter child-bearing age. Parents and carers may be reluctant to allow, or unable to afford, long distance travel or boarding school for the girls.”


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