“We reached out by providing educational materials to more than 150 children in the community”

The importance of education cannot be over-emphasised – but children living in Oje community, in Ibadan, Oyo State, are deprived of access to quality education.

A good number of the children in this community are involved in street hawking. This inspired a collaboration between a fellow Global Youth Ambassador in Nigeri, Atinuke Lebile, and me.

According to Atinuke, to change the community or the children we have to offer both conventional and vocational education to them because it’s the most powerful weapon we can use to effect change. 

Her organisation – named Her Voice, Africa – was able to organise vocational training on bead-making and knitting to the girls in the community and also commenced a remedial class where basic knowledge was taught to the children at weekends.

Nigeria has the highest number of children that are out of school in the world. This year I believe, with strategic partnership, we will change that by adopting children back to school.

In order to encourage this community, we reached out to them by providing educational materials to more than 150 children in the community. We’re working towards helping those not in school back to the classroom.

Now a good number of the children have started school and learning because of the actions the Dreams from the Slum initiative and Her Voice, Africa took to partner for the children’s educational development.

We are certain that our consistent action towards adopting children in Nigeria back to school will cause a drastic reduction to the number of children out of school.

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