Working with communities in Pakistan to help poor schools and students

In November, I visited around 100 schools located in remote areas of Pakistan where the most impoverished and marginalised children hope to receive an education.

The schools lacked basic facilities including water, furniture, electricity and even walls. I worked with my community to purchase furniture, electrical wires, wool sweaters, notebooks and other materials for the schools and their students. The purpose is to ensure quality education to all students. 

I started the Save Your Future campaign in Pakistan to ensure every child has a chance to get the best possible education. During an address to the students I said: “I want every child to have an equal opportunity to get education. I also want to ensure quality education for all.”

My mission is to help schools in Pakistan have a better future and would love to provide facilities to all schools.

Save Your Future will distribute woollen sweaters to poor families and thousands of children in the coming months. Right now there are around 35 schools initially with which the campaign will work.

I also went to a blind school and told the students: “I’m happy to be here and I wish to do something for the education of disabled children and promise to provide all facilities to this school.