“As President of Students Against Corruption, I use radio to reach out to people in rural places”

Daniel Dennis Gya
Daniel's show is broadcast on state radio and relayed to community stations

Global Youth Ambassadors

On World Radio Day, a Global Youth Ambassador from Liberia tells how reaching out across the airwaves can help to expose dishonesty by those in power.

I am a Global Youth Ambassador, anti-corruption activist and currently the host of the only anti-corruption radio programme in Liberia. 

The radio programme is aired on state radio ELBC 99.9FM and relayed on several community radio stations. 

I want to answer the question: “What role does radio play in the fight against corruption?” 

Radio communicates more than words can express or reveal. It has given many people an insight into the negative impact corruption has on the growth of any nation. 

Radio is one major medium which is used to expose the harmful nature of corruption. It helps us to talk about anti-corruption campaigns and also aids in shaming corrupt government officials. 

Radio accrues for itself a very large audience because it is listened to by many. One such programme is The Integrity Hour, which has created a large fan base.

Radio plays a role that has informed the actions and decisions of people the world over.

The role of radio in the fight against corruption is vital for the growth and development of any nation. As the President of Students Against Corruption, I use the radio station to reach out to people living in rural places, and to raise awareness of corruption. 

Because of the radio, students have been able to tell us and expose practices of corruption in Liberia.

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