Young campaigners tell world leaders: you must act now to transform education

Global Youth Amabassdors Jin Tanaka, Mathilde Boulogne, Elizabeth Pennington and Yuv Sungkur call on leaders to #LetMeLearn at the Transforming Education Pre-summit in Paris in June (Theirworld/Cara Ghoshal)

Global Youth Ambassadors, Let me learn

To mark International Youth Day and as part of our #LetMeLearn campaign, Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassadors unite to call for greater investment in education for all.

Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassadors have sent a powerful and passionate message to world leaders today on International Youth Day – calling on them to end the education crisis. 

“You’re not doing enough,” is the blunt statement from our 2,000 young activists in more than 100 countries, ahead of the historic Transforming Education Summit next month.  

The message is part of the #LetMeLearn campaign, which is growing rapidly into a global movement supported by organisations such as UNICEF and Global Citizen. It calls for leaders, who will be discussing budgets and priorities during the United Nations General Assembly, to agree on urgent action to ensure quality learning for every child. 

The statement says: 

“Our voice is stronger together. We are united in solidarity for the 260 million children out of school and those who are ready to learn but who are continuously being let down by poorly supported teachers, outdated curriculums and a lack of digital connectivity. 

“Our education is under-funded, often unsafe and treated as unimportant. With competing crises and priorities, we need you to see education as the solution, as we do, and move beyond empty promises.” 

It goes on to say:  

“We are frustrated with negotiating and trying to convince you to care enough about education to act. We want to see greater investment in education that actually reaches those who need it most, and we want to see it now.” 


#LetMeLearn has been embraced by youth activists, civil society organisations, celebrities and the United Nations. UN Secretary-General António Guterres said: “#LetMeLearn is a campaign to make sure world leaders attending the Transforming Education Summit pay attention to the voices and opinions of learners.” 

The statement issued by our Global Youth Ambassadors (GYAs) will feed into a Youth Declaration, which will be presented to Guterres as the major contribution of young people to the Transforming Education Summit. 

Jayathma Wickramanayake, the UN Envoy on Youth, said: “Being included in education decision-making is a fundamental right for all young people.” 

Young people around the world have been recording video messages and sharing them on social media as part of #LetMeLearn. They have been joined by celebrities including British actor Bill Nighy – best known for his roles in Love Actually and the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

He recorded this message of support. 

How you can support the campaign

Share your own video message  

Suggested text: 

Next month, world leaders will meet at the UN #TransformingEducation summit in New York. Young people have a message for their leaders: #LetMeLearn. It is time for leaders to take this demand seriously.  


Customise your own call to action using this format: 

I am from [your country]. I want world leaders attending #TransformingEducation to [what you want to change about education]. I am [your name and country flag] #LetMeLearn 

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