“Young people need to be educated on how they can fight for the causes they care about”

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Kunguba visited universities to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality

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A Global Youth Ambassador from Cameroon tells how his own leadership experience has made him want to help others to find their voice to speak up on issues affecting them.

People in my community are too comfortable in their own lives. They don’t take much time to step outside of their own lifestyles and consider what life is like for other people in the country, in the state and around the world. 

Our schools do not effectively educate the general population and youths on international issues, current world affairs and global poverty levels. 

There are far too many youths in my community who are ignorant about the state of the world in which they live.

Young people should be taught about the major issues facing our world and need to be encouraged to get involved through activism. Young people need to be educated on the roles that they play in the global community and how they can best utilise advocacy to fight for the causes they care about. 

I know from first-hand experience that getting involved in both local and national leadership programmes have been some of the most eye-opening and rewarding opportunities of my life. 

As a youth with leadership experience, I feel that I am equipped and morally obligated to help empower other youths to stand up and speak out.

I personally strive to serve as a leader in my community for youth rights and empowerment on a global scale. I’m most passionate about education, literacy and equal opportunities. I want to combat the gender inequality present in society and in leadership. 

There is a striking gap around the world between youths and adults’ pay for the same work. Not only is this discriminatory but it hinders the development and progress of every society. 

We can be more than just hand-clappers and assistants. We can be active participants. We are the world’s untapped resource and power source. 

Think of all the greatness that could be achieved if the other half of the global population was given a voice and a role in society. All we need is a chance, an opportunity to turn our life around. 

We need an education and then they will be able to lift our community out of poverty. When given an equal and fair opportunity to succeed in this world, there is no doubt in my mind that we will help alleviate poverty from developing nations. 

Gya Kungaba Fongoh Leonel From Cameroon

Kungaba has worked with children in Cameroon to promote peace-building (Kungaba Fongoh Leonel)

We will inherit the legacy of the decision-makers of today. The more that current decision-makers listen to us, the more engaged and involved we will be across the country, and we will gain more intergenerational understanding.

As a young leader, I want to educate my community and my world. I want to learn even more about the issues I already deeply care about. 

With that knowledge, I would like to speak to groups of people and develop leadership programmes which educate people about the importance of investing in young people. 

I want to be a role model and show other teens that they too can find a cause and support it in a creative and innovative way. I want to become an even more influential activist and advocate for youth rights, health, economic empowerment and education. 

I am a privileged young man who already has the confidence and opportunities to take control of my own life and be independent. I want to help inspire others to do the same, to be their own role model.

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