Best Start Early, with Chance for Childhood

About the project


Many children in Ghana still do not have access to quality inclusive education. It is estimated that a quarter of kindergarten teachers have never received any formal training in early childhood education. As a result, after four years of compulsory education (two years of kindergarten and two years of primary) only 2% of pupils are attaining the desired standards for literacy. Vulnerable children, especially those with disabilities and from low-income families, face significant challenges accessing quality early childhood education.


Working with its partners, Chance for Childhood will train early years teachers on how to incorporate play and inclusive learning into their classrooms to support children with disabilities and developmental delays. They will also use a screening programme in 10 pilot early childhood centres to identify and offer specialised activities for children with disabilities or additional needs. Support will include sessions to help parents to foster nurturing home environments for their children.


With Theirworld’s support, Chance for Childhood will train 50 kindergarten teachers to incorporate play and inclusive learning into their classrooms. They will also screen 747 children and provide extra support for those identified with disabilities.