Digital Literacy in Kenya, with the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

We work to help young people develop Skills for the future



In 2016, the Kenyan government launched a national digital literacy programme and provided more than one million tablets to more than 19,000 public primary schools as part of a drive to equip students with skills for the 21st century. However, due to a lack of resources and training available on how to use digital equipment, devices are often left sitting in boxes unused.


Lewa’s award-winning Digital Literacy Programme helps standardise the quality of teaching in schools, equips children with digital skills, and gives marginalised Kenyan schools access to the latest technology. The programme provides age and ability-appropriate content for learning both on and offline, training teachers on how to use digital tools and evaluate student progress.


In 2023, Lewa will expand its support from 23 to 27 schools, reaching a total of 8,473 students and 242 teachers. In total, through both direct and indirect support, the digital programme will empower 12,710 students.