Earthquake Trauma Relief, with Maya Vakfi

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About the project


In 2023 a series of earthquakes in Turkey and Syria killed more than 50,000 people. More than seven million children lived in the affected regions, leaving many traumatised and struggling to cope.


Maya Vakfi, an organisation that works to improve the quality of life of children and youth, set up an emergency programme to support those suffering from trauma. In the short term, they have established mobile teams in the affected areas of Turkey to provide “psychological first aid”, which aims to reduce children’s stress symptoms after a natural disaster or traumatic event.

Providing trauma support to Ukrainian children in Turkey

Separately, Maya Vakfi is also providing psychosocial support to Ukrainian children who have fled to Turkey following the Russian invasion.

A group therapy session run by Maya Vakfi in Şanlıurfa

With Theirworld’s support, Maya Vakfi set up mobile teams to provide trauma support to children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey