Leave No One Behind, with Designathon

Every child has the right to A safe place to learn,
We work to help young people develop Skills for the future

About the project


Many refugee children experience significant disruptions to their education due to displacement, poverty and language barriers. This makes it difficult for them to access quality education and fully participate in programmes that develop 21st-century skills. This programme will enable refugee children to analyse information, collaborate with peers and develop critical thinking at an early age.


Through creative workshops, refugee children will learn about climate change both in their home country and in the Netherlands and its impact on people and the planet. Using newly learned technical and creative skills, they will collaboratively develop and prototype solutions to the climate emergency. The aim is to equip these children with a sense of purpose and agency to fully participate in coming up with solutions to one of the world’s most pressing problems.


With Theirworld’s support, Designathon will deliver climate education to up to 100 refugee children, aged 8 to 12, in a new school for refugees in Amsterdam.