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Empowering refugees to access higher education


Attending university, trade school or a college can boost a young person’s future earnings by 17%, according to World Bank estimates. But of the 220 million students enrolled in these institutions globally, just 5% are refugees.


Mosaik runs workshops to help refugees into higher education. Through eight modules, students explore their own interests and strengths, potential areas of study, and educational pathways. They are also advised on completing applications, writing CVs and taking part in interviews.


With Theirworld’s help, Mosaik has been delivering workshops to 210 young refugees in Jordan and Lebanon to help them into higher education.

Breaking down barriers

Although the number of scholarships and online courses for refugees has increased in recent years, they still face significant barriers to accessing higher education. Young refugees are often unsure of what options are open to them and require help with applying to courses.

These workshops are designed to adapt to individual circumstances. Young people can take part in-person, remotely, or a mixture of both, and workshop modules can be integrated into existing programmes.

In 2022-2023, Theirworld’s support is helping Mosaik to deliver workshops to 150 refugees aged 17-25 in Jordan and Lebanon. Theirworld is also helping Mosaik pilot self-paced online workshops with a further 60 young refugees, which will ensure Mosaik can scale up, and reach a much larger number of refugees in the years to come.

Theirworld will continue to support Mosaik Education in 2023-2024 to scale their workshops.