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Vulnerable Lebanese and refugee children can find themselves left behind early in life because they lack access to quality early years education. Theirworld partners with local organisations to ensure more children get the start in life they deserve.


For the MyBestStart project Theirworld works with agencies on the ground in Lebanon to provide children, parents and teachers with tools and resources to provide valuable early childhood education.


The partnership between Theirworld, Alfanar, Ana Aqra and Lebanese Alternative Learning will provide learning and resources to 4,000 children, 50 teachers and 1,000 parents.

A foundation for lifelong learning

More than 175 million children around the world don’t receive early childhood education. Since education provides the best chance to escape poverty, inequality and instability, it means these children face more barriers to happiness, and lack chances to reach their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

In areas affected by conflict, early learning opportunities are often limited and poorly-funded. It means refugee children and those in vulnerable situations can find themselves at an unfair disadvantage early in life, without the opportunity to catch up.

The MyBestStart project will mean thousands of disadvantaged Lebanese and refugee children get access to the kind of quality early childhood education every child deserves.

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Early childhood education is crucial to all children - but especially for child refugees, many of whom have suffered significant trauma. However, access to quality early learning is often extremely limited, poorly resourced and chronically under-funded.



Meet Sham and Fatima

Sisters Sham and Fatima love to learn. But, like millions of other girls, they have never been in a classroom. 

MyBestStart helped to change that – providing quality early years education that can be accessed from home.

Nurturing developing minds

By partnering with local organisations Alfanar, Ana Aqra and Lebanese Alternative Learning, Theirworld will also help MyBestStart provide digital teaching tools and training to parents and teachers.

This means that whether a child is attending an early childhood education centre or learning from home, they’ll get access to an education that nurtures their developing mind.

The project – made possible by players of People’s Postcode Lottery – expects to reach 4,000 children, 50 teachers and 1,000 parents through its combination of online and offline resources.

By using an innovative approach to deliver learning content, MyBestStart means more children will get the chance to start an educational journey that offers hope for their future.

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