Small Grants Programme

Every child has the right to A safe place to learn,
We work to help young people develop Skills for the future,
Every child deserves The best start in life

About the project


Ending the global education crisis means helping children all over the world get better access to learning and support services. Theirworld helps to fund initiatives that share our vision of improving access to education and development for every young person.


Theirworld’s Small Grants Programme gives grants of up to £10,000 to registered charities and non-profits helping disadvantaged and overlooked young people in the UK and around the world.


Since 2004, Theirworld has awarded small grants worth just under £1m to organisations working to improve the lives of thousands of children.

A shared vision

Local community and voluntary organisations are crucial to broadening access to education and improving health outcomes for young people. They tend to come into being because of a passion for helping advance opportunities for children. However, they can often lack the resources or profile to secure the funding they need to deliver on their vision.

Theirworld’s Small Grants Programme was set up in 2004 with the purpose of helping organisations all over the world carry out their work to support and empower youth. The programme focuses on issuing grants to groups that aim to improve community health and education, particularly in relation to children and caregivers.

Small grants typically range from £1,000 to £10,000, and usually take less time to both apply for and be awarded than more substantial grants. They can be a way for community organisations to pilot new work or get a project off the ground.

Theirworld is proud to have been able to provide funding for dozens of programmes, projects and initiatives in the UK and around the world that share our vision of a world where every child has the best start in life, a safe place to learn and skills for the future.

We couldn’t do our work without the help of Theirworld. With their funding we’ve created and distributed booklets across the UK - from hospices to schools - to help young people with their grief. Sibling Support, an organisation that helps young people cope with the loss of a brother or sister

Making a big difference

From mentoring programmes to sports provision, children’s cancer care to school-based projects, our small grants can make a little go a long way for children in vulnerable circumstances.

In the UK, Theirworld’s small grants have helped literacy programmes in areas where English is often not young people’s first language, and healthy breakfast initiatives for homeless children.

Our commitment to improving opportunities for girls is reflected in grants to organisations delivering inclusive education in countries including Greece, Zambia and Uganda. Children living on the street in Pakistan and unaccompanied minors in Greece have benefited, as have under-resourced schools and early years programmes in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

We’ve also delivered grants to numerous programmes whose aim is to help young people with emotional difficulties, including children who have lost siblings and young women who lack positive role models.

Theirworld’s Small Grants Programme means we can help local organisations making a big difference to the lives of young people. The breadth of the programme’s reach reflects our goal to end the global learning crisis and help provide the quality education every child deserves.

Some of our recent grantees

A Small Grants project participant.

To apply

All applicants must complete an application form, which should be submitted by 5pm (BST) on 28th February. All applications will be acknowledged. Applications are reviewed annually by Theirworld Trustees and all successful applicants will be notified by email or in writing. Where appropriate, grants for periods of longer than one year will be considered. If awarded a grant, mid-term and final reports are required; report templates will be provided with confirmation of grants awarded. Charities who have received a grant, or have been unsuccessful in their previous application, may not re-apply within 12 months.

To comply with the Data Protection Act 1998, applicants are required to consent to the use of personal data supplied by them in the processing and review of their application. This includes transfer to and use by such individuals and organisations as the Charity deems appropriate. The Charity requires the assurance of the applicant that personal data about any other individual is supplied to the Charity with his/her consent.

The Charity does NOT fund:

  • Expeditions
  • Promotion of individual religion or political parties

Theirworld only funds registered charities, or not-for-profit organisations. In selecting Small Grant recipients, we are looking for projects where a small amount of funding can help make a big impact at a local level to drive progress in one of our three thematic areas: the best start in life, a safe place to learn, or skills for the future.

Projects will be prioritised to support local organisations to scale up efforts, test a new idea, or provide funding to deliver important services to marginalised children and youth. Priority will be given to projects focused on one of our five cross-cutting strategic issues linked to education: climate action, gender equality, inclusion, peace and security, and health and nutrition.

To apply for a grant please download and fill out the full application form below, and email to [email protected] along with your most up-to-date safeguarding policy and most recent annual accounts.

Download application form