20th Anniversary Special #4: What next?

Justin Van Fleet At Kindergarten In Beirut New
Theirworld President Justin van Fleet with a kindergarten class at Bourj Hammoud School in Beirut, Lebanon. With Justin is Sonia Khoury, Program Manager of the RACE Program Management Unit (Theirworld / Diego Ibarra Sanchez )

Better Angels Podcast

In the final episode of Theirworld’s 20th anniversary special, Theirworld Chair Sarah Brown talks with Beatrace Ndisha Mwanjala, a Global Youth Ambassador from Kenya, about what needs to be done to ensure we meet the United Nations goal of inclusive and quality education for all children by 2030.

Beatrace shares some of her own struggles accessing education, including what it was like to walk long distances to school when faced with the threat from wild animals.

Sarah also speaks with Justin van Fleet, President of Theirworld and Executive Director of the Global Business Coalition for Education, about his hopes for the future, and the power of education to fight inequality.

“Education has the power to be a great equaliser,” Justin says. “It can be a rising tide that can lift all boats, and I think getting equity in educational access and then the quality of education delivery that all young people deserve, that’s going to be the biggest challenge we’re facing.”