Campaigning Styles: Quiet Activism

Better Angels Quiet Image

Better Angels Podcast

In this new series of the Better Angels podcast, Sarah Brown is exploring how different personality types call for change.

In this first episode of a new series, Sarah speaks to inspiring guests about quiet activism and how introverts are using their gentle voices to create big change.

First, we hear from Sarah Corbett about the the challenges that introverts can face and the art of gentle protest. Sarah is professional activist and founder of Craftivist Collective – a social enterprise that combines craft and activism to engage people with social justice in a non-confrontational way.

Sarah also spoke to Claire Heuchan, the award-winning black feminist writer who blogs under the name Sister Outrider. Listen as they discuss how about the significance reader’s attach to Claire’s blog and how through building connection and being honest about mental health, she has created change.

Stuart Beveridge has been blind since birth and through his work with Seescape, is challenging large technology companies to improve their accessibility and better communicate what features they offer. Accompanied by his guide dog Ron, Stuart spoke to Sarah about how accessibility in technology is breaking down barriers and how social media creates partnership and community.