#BetterAngels Interview Special: Dr. Denis Mukwege

Dr Mukwegeportraitat Panzi Bw

Better Angels Podcast

Sarah Brown talks to Dr. Denis Mukwege, a doctor saving women’s lives in Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 

Dr Mukwege is a modern-day hero and a truly remarkable man, with an unwavering dedication to the physical and mental health of women. Using his medical expertise, Dr. Mukwege has become a trusted witness to the physical consequences of gang rape. He has enduring courage for speaking up for change and working hour after hour, to operate and save the lives of women whose bodies and spirits are damaged.

This interview special focuses on Dr. Denis Mukwege’s career as a world renowned gynecological surgeon who founded the Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, to help women who are victims of gang rape and other sexual violences. These acts are a widely used as a tool of war in DRC, and are increasing so much so that the women of the DRC are seeing the threat of sexual violence encroaching on their everyday lives. His global influence is growing such that he is the world’s leading male advocate against sexual violence offering both practical and advocacy solutions.

Dr. Mukwege has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize no less than three times, yet remains modest and selflessly dedicated to his work and to the wider campaign to change what is happening to women in the DRC and other conflict zones. Listen to Dr. Mukwege talk about his life’s work at the Panzi Hospital and on the global stage.