Interview Special: guest host June Sarpong and Justin van Fleet

Better Angels Jv F And June Sarpong
Guest host June Sarpong MBE and Justin van Fleet

Better Angels Podcast

June Sarpong MBE, writer and broadcaster, takes over as guest host, talking to Justin van Fleet, President of Theirworld and Chief Executive Officer of the Global Business Coalition for Education.

Justin describes how a trip to Bolivia as a teenager inspired him to work in education, and how education is providing hope and a degree of normality to thousands of young people trapped in desperate conditions in refugee camps on the Greek islands.

They discuss Theirworld’s #WriteTheWrong campaign to provide an education to the 260 million children around the world who every day are denied a place in school.

This podcast interview was recorded in New York in September 2019 during the United Nations General Assembly.

This episode of Better Angels was edited by Warren Borg, Worgie Productions