Learning in the Digital Age with Tom Fletcher, Episode 1

Better Angels Tom Fletcher

Better Angels Podcast

This special series of Sarah Brown’s Better Angels podcast follows Tom Fletcher, diplomat and global education campaigner, as he travels from the Beqaa Valley to Silicon Valley to find out how we can learn the right things in the right way to thrive in the Digital Age. Tom asks everyone – from Prime Ministers to tech CEOs to movie stars and a classroom of 12-year olds – about the key lessons that made them who they are, what future generations need to take humanity forward, and how to unleash this opportunity?

Episode one of the series explores the overarching question: What should future generations learn in order to thrive in the Digital Age?

Speaking with President of Theirworld Sarah Brown, political economist and Principal of Hertford College, University of Oxford Will Hutton, former UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Rev. Prof. Fadi Daou, entrepreneur and journalist Emma Sinclair and Chief Executive of the British Library Roly Keating, Tom explores  what is at the core of a good education with these entrepreneurs, politicians and thinkers.