Learning in the Digital Age with Tom Fletcher, Episode 5

Better Angels Tom Fletcher Ep 5

Better Angels Podcast

If we can see what change is needed, why is it so hard? The final episode of Learning in the Digital Age: A Better Angels special with Tom Fletcher.

Throughout the series we’ve heard from world leaders, teachers, tech entrepreneurs, CEOs and Prime Ministers from around the world about what the future of learning looks like, and what skills people will need in the future.

The final episode explores the how…if we can see what change is needed, why is it so hard? Three gurus on social media and campaigning give their answers on how to make change happen in the Digital Age. And a philanthropist and former Prime Minister explain the practical ways they are changing education.

Tom speaks with co-founder and CEO of Purpose Jeremy Heimans, author and entrepreneur Jonah Sachs, founder of Beautiful Destinations Jeremy Jauncey, Founder of People’s Postcode Lottery Annemiek Hoogenboom and former UK Prime Minister and UN Special Envoy for Education Gordon Brown.

Thank you to Tom Fletcher and all the Better Angels he spoke with along the journey to make this special series, we hope you have learnt something valuable and continue to champion your activist spirit!