Millions of children left behind at every developmental milestone (October 2016)

This report offers a snapshot of early childhood development in Africa. This snapshot of equity shows how much more there is to do to ensure every child has the best start in life. 

Theirworld Scorecard Millions Of Children Left Behind At Every Developmental Milestones October 2016

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We tracked progress on several aspects of ECD, with a focus on nutrition. In particular, we’ve looked at equity gaps between the richest and poorest across focus areas — stunting, enrollment in pre- primary education, and basic vaccination rates (as a proxy for access to the health care system for children). 

The data tells a very clear story: millions of children are
being left behind at every developmental milestone,
and those left behind are disproportionately poor.
Gaps in access to what children need to grow up
healthy and resilient continue to widen as children age,
compounding the missed opportunities and barriers
they must overcome.