Reaching All Children with Education in Lebanon (September 2015)

Huge numbers of refugee children from Syria have fled to Lebanon and now need education. This report from 2015 looked at ways to achieve that.

Theirworld – Report: Reaching All Children With Education In Lebanon (September 2015)

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This report by Theirworld, in collaboration with A World at School, was written in April 2015 and updated in September 2015. It was one of a series of reports by Theirworld that were written after consultation with the governments of Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

It looked at what could be done to address the huge numbers of refugees living in Lebanon and how children could gain access to quality education.

The Syrian conflict has caused the biggest refugee crisis in recent times and Lebanon has hosted more than 500,000 children. This has had a huge impact on a small country with a population of only 4.5 million.

Education is vital to secure the futures of these children and for rebuilding Syria after the conflict.

The report said the Lebanese government was committed to providing an education for the refugee children and its Ministry of Education and Higher Education was leading the Reaching All Children with Education (RACE) strategy to get all Syrian refugee children and underprivileged Lebanese children into quality education. But it said Lebanon needed assistance from the international community in order to achieve their aims.

The report identified seven opportunities for action and concluded that a better education for Lebanese and Syrian refugee children was within reach. However, it required a coordinated effort with much support from the international community.