Scaling up to Reach One Million Syrian Refugees (September 2015)

Report Scaling Up To Reach One Million Refugee Children Accelerating Progress On Education For Syrian Refugees In Jordan Turkey And Lebanon

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The Executive Summary report – plus the three separate country reports – warned that a lack of donor funding was leaving one million children out of school at risk of child labour, early marriage, exploitation and extremism.

Since the beginning of the crisis in 2011, Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan have become host to the largest number of Syrian refugees. They have generously worked in partnership with the international community to provide basic social services to the Syrian refugee population, including education for displaced children and youth.

The reports outlined the opportunities to scale up the education response efforts and drive more and better financing and coordination to reach over one million refugee children and young people in Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

This Executive Summary looked at the overall issues and potential solutions. 

The three country-specific reports were: