Stop neglecting pre-primary education investments (June 2016)

The development of millions of children will suffer unless governments step up and increase their commitment to pre-primary education for every child. This scorecard examines how lack of access to the skills that pre-school fosters in children between the ages of three to five - such as early reading and math, and social interaction - can have a lifelong impact on a child. It reveals the level of aid to pre-primary education, showing that pre-primary education received just 1.15% of the total aid to education in 2014, while the global pre-primary enrolment rate fell to 44%. This means more than half of the world’s children are still excluded from the benefits of pre-primary education. The scorecard looks in detail at the top 10 bilateral country donors to pre-primary education and examines the disparities between aid and need. It also reveals that many of the countries most in need are being left out when it comes to funding. It recommends that all donors should: Significantly increase resources for pre-primary educationTarget pre-primary aid to countries most in needClearly articulate support for pre-primary interventions in donor strategy documentsImprove quantity and quality of pre-primary funding data

Theirworld – Scorecard: Stop Neglecting Pre-Primary Education Investments (June 2016)

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