The Noise of Activism

Gideon Noise Ep
Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador Gideon Olanrewaju

Better Angels Podcast

In this new series of the Better Angels podcast, Sarah Brown is exploring how different personality types call for change.

In this episode of the series, Sarah speaks to a range of guests about the Noise of activism, and how the volume of a protest can help it reach audiences fast and with impact.

First, we hear from British journalist and feminist activist Caroline Criado Perez about her work with The Women’s Room project and her campaign against the Bank of England, when they were at risk of removing the only other female face, apart from the Queen, from British banknotes.

Sarah then speaks with education development practitioner, youth advocate and Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador Gideon Olanrewaju, about Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative, an organisation he founded in 2014 to ensure access to quality education for those in rural communities across Africa.

Finally, we hear from Inna Modja, a Malian musician and activist for women and girls rights and climate change. Sarah speaks with Inna about her Great Green Wall project with the United Nations, her upcoming documentary film which saw her take a life-changing journey through Africa and her concept of the African Dream.