What does it take to be a better campaigner?

Shazia Up For School Bw

Better Angels Podcast

Sarah Brown talks to LGBT super-activist David Mixner, Christy Turlington Burns, Kevin Watkins and Shazia Ramzan. 

This episode explores what makes a great campaigner. How can we take action to make a difference? How can we speak up to right a wrong? Activism and campaigning takes place across all different causes and take many different forms. Whether the cause is education, health, human rights, climate change, or simply campaigning for a new road crossing in your neighbourhood, the first step is often joining or starting a campaign to speak up, to put on pressure and to take action. In this episode, Sarah Brown explores what makes a great campaigner by talking to people who have made a huge impact for their personal causes and passions. 

Sarah Brown talks to civil rights activist, prominent LGBT campaigner and best-selling author David Mixner, supermodel and maternal health campaigner, Christy Turlington Burns, CEO of Save The Children UK and leading international development thinker, Kevin Watkins, and young education campaigner and Global Youth Ambassador Shazia Ramzan, who was also attacked in the shooting of Malala Yousafzai on their school bus in Pakistan in 2012.