The Education Cannot Wait fund is the first global fund to prioritise education in humanitarian emergencies to make sure every crisis-affected child and young person is in school and learning.

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Education Cannot Wait fund

The Education Cannot Wait fund is the first global fund to give vital support to children who are affected by humanitarian emergencies including conflicts, natural disasters and other crises. All children have the right to receive an education, including those in emergencies.

Education funding

Why there is a global gap in education funding and how this threatens the goal of all girls and boys getting a quality primary and secondary education.

Education in emergencies

Find out why education is vital to millions of children affected by humanitarian emergencies across the world.

Learning through play (early childhood development)

Find out about the importance of learning through play and the serious issues if a young child is not given enough opportunity to play.


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Safe Spaces - The Urgent Need for Early Childhood Development in Emergencies and Disasters (September 2016)

How Safe Spaces can provide support to help babies and young children survive and develop despite the physical, emotional and psychological trauma inflicted by emergency situations.

39 million girls at risk: are humanitarian responses doing enough? (May 2016)

November 07, 2016 &emdash; Steps are needed to address girls' specific needs during crises. Here is a closer look at the issue and recommendations for action.