Boy injured in Peshawar school attack treated at same UK hospital as Malala

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A boy seriously injured in the Peshawar school massacre in Pakistan is getting treatment at the same British hospital where Malala Yousafzai had lifesaving surgery.

Fifteen-year-old Ahmed Nawaz was shot in the arm and his brother Haris, 14, was killed during the December attack by the Pakistani Taliban on the Army Public School.

The ninth-grade student has been flown to have surgery at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. The £200,000 cost of his trip and treatment is being paid by the Pakistani government.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala said in a tweet that she would visit Ahmed in hospital. She also tweeted a picture of her and her mother Tor Pekai meeting Ahmed's father Muhammed and another brother, who have also flown into the United Kingdom. The family have said Ahmed is keen to return to school after his treatment and wants to join the Pakistani military.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Nawz Sharif ordered that Ahmed be treated in Birmingham after fears that he could lose his arm because of the gunshot wound.

The Peshawar school massacre ended in the deaths of 150 people, including 132 children.Two days ago, A World at School launched a 15-point Safe Schools Initiative for Pakistan which has been backed by Prime Minister Sharif and United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown.

The report is intended to complement and support current government activities and serve as a basis for a framework to build school and community-based interventions to promote Safe Schools alongside support from the international community. You can read the full report here.

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