Can you name celebrities who shared their childhood pictures for our #5for5 campaign?

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To mark Universal Children's Day, we asked celebrities to show their support for Theirworld's #5for5 campaign on early childhood development by sharing their own childhood pictures. Can you spot the famous young faces including Kim Cattrall, Patrick Stewart and Sharon Osbourne?

Today is Universal Children’s Day – a chance to spotlight the need for world leaders to invest in early childhood development for every child in every country.

Children need nutrition, care and learning for the best start in life. That’s why Theirworld launched the #5for5 campaign, which has been backed by Antonio Guterres, who will become the new United Nations Secretary-General in January.

To show that young children around the world need your support, we asked people to share a picture of themselves under the age of five. That’s because 90% of a child’s brain has developed by the time they’re five. Poorer or marginalised children who can’t access the support and care they need are put at a disadvantage. They can end up starting school with a limited vocabulary and reduced ability to learn, which will affect their opportunities in later life.

To help those children to fulfil their potential, share your own childhood picture for Theirworld’s #5for5 campaign today – and see if you can guess the identities of the famous people from the pictures they shared of themselves as young children. And scroll down slowly so that you don’t see the names too soon from their Twitter or Instagram pages!

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