Don’t break your promise to Syrian children, leaders are told

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World leaders are in New York this week for the United Nations General Assembly.

It’s a perfect opportunity to hammer home the message that they cannot break their promise to get Syrian refugee children into school.

That pledge was made in May at the Supporting Syria and the Region conference in London. The co-hosts of that summit are meeting again in New York tomorrow.

We asked people to post Facebook messages to the co-hosts – and you responded by telling the United States, United Kingdom, Norway, Germany and Kuwait why it is so important to get Syrian children into school as soon as possible.

Here are some of the messages you left on the Facebook pages of the UK’s Department for International Development, US Secretary of State John Kerry, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and the Foreign Ministry of Kuwait.



Jan Buttery, Canada
Please help vulnerable children get back to school as soon as possible. It is already hard for them to be refugees, let alone lose their education. We must all care for them.

Mike Bracegirdle, UK
Please honour your pledge to help return Syrian children to education. A more educated world is a better world and we should care for all children in our world as we would our own. If we wish the nations of our world to come together in lasting peace, then supporting children across borders and cultures is a strong sign that we trust in that ideal.

Saron Harford, Ireland
Please don’t break your promise to help Syrian children get back to school. The world is watching. Do the right thing.

Caroline Freedman, UK
Please do your utmost to ensure that all refugee children have their human right to be educated at school met. They are the future and part of the solution. Please don’t let them down. What if it was your child?


Leslie Stanick, USA
They have already lost everything else – safe homes, hospitals, family members. The very least the US can give is a safe and solid education.

Sue Wilkinson, USA
Please, keep the promise made to the Syrian children. Who knows what great things may come of educating those who have survived so much.

Caroline Pierce
Children who miss school don’t get that time back to catch up on their missed education – every day matters – please act now to provide education for Syrian refugee children.

Ari Lewis
Give them the education they’ll need to rebuild their country in decades to come, make it into the fair, equal and democratic society it should be.


Esther van der Ridder, Netherlands
Every child has a right to go to school, educated children will feel confident about themselves, they will build their own future and they may one day be great leaders in their country and our planet. Please don’t let them down.

Imsa’il Bello, Nigeria
Promises to children should never be broken. Please keep your promise to get every Syrian child back to school. The future of our world lies in the education of all children.

Guiseppe Demitri-turi, Italy
Please, do not forget the promise of help to get back into education you have made to refugee children.


Andrew Luis, Brazil
Every child in every nation in this world deserves an education, keep the promise of your help to those children

Marianne Bengtsson, Sweden
Please keep your the promise to help the Syrian refugee children to get back to school.

Sue Wilkinson, New Zealand
Please keep the promise made to the Syrian children. Who knows what great things may come of educating those who have survived so much.

Sarantis Karakatsanis, Crete
The world is failing to get Syrian refugee children into school. Please provide the money you promised for that cause.


Oliveira Sandra, Portugal
Dear Minister: please support Syrian children back to school in the meeting next week! The world is watching you, do not let the children down.

Elizabeth Arnott, South Africa
Promises alone will not help the displaced Syrian children. Please ensure that the promise to get every Syrian child back to school is fulfilled. There can be no peace in the world if vast numbers of children are deprived of an education.


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