Young people get a say on how to be ready for jobs of the future

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The Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative aims to enhance the potential of young people (Facebook / GBC-Education)

The Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education), Youth skills

A global survey will inform a major report on how the business community can help to deliver crucial youth skills.

By the year 2030, half of the young people in the world will not have the basic skills they need to find work. 

Add in that two billion jobs will be at risk of becoming obsolete because of advances in technology and you have a giant, looming crisis.

That’s why the Youth Skills and Innovation Initiative was set up last year by the Global Business Coalition for Education (GBC-Education). Bringing together youth, industry leaders and experts, its mission is to help young people be ready for the jobs of the future.

Now GBC-Education, in partnership with Deloitte, has launched a global youth survey to better understand youth perspectives on the changing workforce.

The results will inform a major report to be released in September around the United Nations General Assembly. The report will deliver a set of recommendations for the business community to prepare today’s young people for the jobs of tomorrow. 

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The rapid development rate of new technology means today’s children and youth need to develop new skills to keep up with industries of the future (UNICEF)

Jamira Burley, Head of Youth Engagement and Skills at GBC-Education, said: “Too often the world’s youth are left out of the decision-making process.

“As it become increasingly important to close the growing skills gap, we felt it would be detrimental to not include their thoughts and concerns as we work with business leaders to identify opportunities to expand their ability for success. 

“Youth from across the world, from all backgrounds, will be able to weigh in on the barriers they face and how the business community can authentically engage them. Young people have the answers, it’s time we evaluate their voices to create real change.”

The survey is tailored for those between the ages of 15 and 29. GBC-Education is encouraging businesses, foundations, governments and civil society to utilise their networks to pass on the survey to a wide and diverse range of young people. 

The survey is available in English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, Swahili and Arabic.

The initiative has a Youth Council, which includes 14 of Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassadors. Learn what they’ve been doing and why they’re so passionate about the importance of youth skills.

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