Canada to teach coding to 500,000 kids from kindergarten to high school

Young Children At A Computer
Young children will learn coding and other digital skills (Flickr / Lucélia Ribeiro,

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Five hundred teachers will be trained how to give children the digital skills they will need to succeed in the future - starting before they even go to primary school.

Canadian schoolchildren will soon start learning computer coding and other digital skills from kindergarten through to high school, the government has announced.

About 500,000 students will be offered the opportunity to take part in the $38 million programme over the next two years, according to the science ministry.

“Many jobs today rely on the ability of Canadian workers to solve problems using digital skills,” said a statement. 

“The demand for such skills will only intensify as the number of software and data companies increases – whether they sell music online or design self-driving cars, for example,” it said.

Five hundred teachers across the country will be provided with the training and tools to teach digital skills and coding.

The government also wants the programme to encourage more young women and indigenous children to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

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