Pilot project delivers climate education to refugee children

Children learn about climate change through creative workshops delivered by Designathon Works

Climate change can severely impact refugee children – from access to safe water and shelter to disrupted education.

So giving them the knowledge and skills to contribute to tackling the crisis is crucial.

That’s why Theirworld is supporting an important pilot project called Leave No One Behind that has the potential to scale up internationally. Designathon Works will deliver climate education to children aged eight to 12 at the new De Kosmopoliet school for refugees in the Netherlands.

Through creative workshops, up to 140 refugee children will learn about climate change in their home countries and the Netherlands, along with its impact on people and the planet.

The project aims to give children a passion for working towards a sustainable future

The aim is to give the students technical and creative skills, together with a sense of purpose and the confidence to participate in coming up with solutions to the climate emergency.

Many refugee children face language barriers in their host countries. During the Theirworld-supported programme, the students will learn Dutch words around the climate themes and exchange their ideas with local children.

Designathon Works’ projects have already reached 117,000 children in 50 countries, 50% of them from marginalised groups.

Co-founder Ina Conkic said: “We are extremely excited about this partnership with Theirworld, which gives us the opportunity to meaningfully engage with newcomer children from De Kosmopoliet school in Amsterdam.

“We intend not only to educate young minds about climate change but also to ignite a collective passion for a sustainable future.


Teachers and facilitators in Designathon Workshop’s network

“In this partnership that celebrates diversity and inclusion, we discover the limitless potential that comes when empathy meets innovation, and the seeds we plant today will grow into a greener, more inclusive tomorrow.”

Theirworld Chair Sarah Brown said: “All of us are affected by climate change – but it is the poorest and most vulnerable communities who are impacted the most.

“Education unlocks climate action. It helps children learn about the causes and consequences of climate change, empowering them to take action to make our planet cleaner and safer.”

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