The power of laughter: Sarah Brown podcast stars James Corden, Sarah Millican and Stuart Goldsmith

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In the fourth episode of her Better Angels podcast series, Sarah looks at the power of comedy and how we can harness positive energy in charity campaigning to spread the activist message to more people.

Theirworld President Sarah Brown speaks to comedians James Corden, Sarah Millican and Stuart Goldsmith in the latest episode of her podcast series Better Angels.

Episode four – titled The Power of Laughter – focuses on the power of comedy and looks at how laughter brings us together.

Sarah explores how we can harness this positive energy in charity campaigning to spread the activist message to more people.

She says: “I have always been fascinated by the way laughter lifts the energy in a room. If people are laughing you have their attention and I wanted to explore how this can be used to affect positive change in the world.”

In the latest episode, James Corden and his producer on American TV’s The Late Late Show, Ben Winston, talk about why being asked to write for the British TV charity special Comic Relief meant so much to them.

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Listen to Episode 4 here

In the latest episode, James Corden and Ben Winston talk about writing and filming sketches for Comic Relief featuring the famous character Smithy. They included a hilarious piece about Smithy giving an impassioned speech to the England football team, including David Beckham.

Ben told Sarah: “It became a really big sketch and the impact of it was huge.”

James has now become a household name in the United States thanks to hosting The Late Late Show – and particularly for his Carpool Karaoke sections, where he talks to – and sings with – famous people while sitting in a car.

His guests have included US First Lady Michelle Obama, Stevie Wonder and Adele.

Watch James Corden on Comic Relief

British comic Sarah Millican opens up about the fear involved in stand-up comedy.

Stuart Goldsmith, the man behind the Comedians Comedian podcast, discusses how true comedy comes from revealing your authentic voice.

Sarah Brown also speaks to Professor Sophie Scott from University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience to learn about why we laugh.

Watch Sophie Scott’s TED talk on laughter

Youth campaigner Lulu Cerone – who is a Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador – tells how who hosting “philanthroparties” makes activism fun and Brian Edelman of digital agency Rain talks about using comedians to front Theirworld’s #5for5 campaign.

Better Angels consists of 30 to 40-minute podcasts dedicated to helping create real change in the world.

In each show, Sarah talks to politicians, entertainers, activists and world leaders about their inspiration, their hopes and their dreams at a time of enormous international upheaval.

Catch up on all of the Better Angels episodes.

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