See the world through a child’s eyes … Mexican preschool children share their drawings

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Do we really know what goes on in a young child’s mind? What are they thinking or feeling? How do they express themselves?

We have a bit of an insight – thanks to some pre-schoolers in Malawi, Mexico, Nepal and Palestine.

As part of Theirworld’s #5for5 campaign, we asked charity and school workers to speak to children and ask them to draw something about their day or their family. 

#5for5 is calling on world leaders to invest in early childhood development. All young children need access to quality care including nutrition, health, learning, play and protection. Having fun, exploring the world and learning through play is a vital part of that.

World leaders are meeting in Germany in July at the G20 Summit to agree their priorities and what they should fund. We need them to prioritise the early years and especially pre-primary education, especially for the poorest and most marginalised children.

We start our series of children’s drawings in Mexico. Teacher and education pioneer Elisa Guerra set up a school in her home city of Aguascalientes because she didn’t like what the local school had to offer her children. Now she’s winning global awards as an educator.

Mother-of-three Elisa was happy to share with us some of the work from the children at the Colegio Valle de Filadelfia.

The first school was opened in 2004 with fewer than 20 students. Now she has close to 700, with around 15,000 being educated through her books.

Elisa’s main focus is the development of children under five – including getting them to read from as young as three. 

Here’s a gallery of some their work – and then a slideshow of the children with their drawings.

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