Sending the #UpForSchool messages to students and teachers in Guyana

Up for School or #upforschool campaign

By Desmond Fraser and Leroy Philips, A World at School Global Youth Ambassadors from Guyana

The education movement powered by A World At School and its Global Youth Ambassadors continues to grow, as ambassadors take to the road their passion and propelling stories and visions for out of-school children.

At my first public address to students of Guyana about A World at School and the youth ambassadors, I proudly stood before teachers to emphasise the importance of ensuring each child goes to school and learn.

At my address to students of Ascension Secondary, I was received and appreciated by the head, Ms Barrington, who quickly approved my request to visit her school to inform everyone about the #UpForSchool Petition and what it entails.  

Global Youth Ambassador Leroy Philips at the school

On our arrival at this school, after explaining the purpose for our visit, the security official was eager to record his signature before everyone else and the signing process continued with the  school’s HM, cleaners, teachers and, of course, the enthusiastic students registering their signatures. 

I thank you all at A World At School for allowing me to be an active passenger on this express train to drain the streets of out of-school children by sharing my childhood education story.

As a result of this visit, I strongly believe I’m much more capable of reaching out to higher places. I must thank Desmond McDonald Fraser for being my cameraman and assistant with the signing of petitions – his presence was key to our meeting with these exciting groups of students. Within the space of two days Desmond and I had collected over 200 signatures. Still a distance to go – achieving 1000 signatures is a great way to start a powerful movement no one can ignore.

I am #UpForSchool, are you?

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