Stand #UpForSchool

Up for School or #upforschool campaign

Around the world, young people are mobilising and making their demands heard. They are demanding that every child in the world can go to school, without danger or discrimination. Despite promises made by world leaders in 2000 to have every child in school by the end of 2015, 58 million are still being denied their right to education – and schools and school children are being attacked. With time running out until the end of 2015, progress on education has stalled and the number of out-of-school children is actually on the rise.

Today as world leaders gather at the 69th United Nations General Assembly, young people are launching the #UpForSchool Petition to get every child in to school and they are being supported by a unique coalition of businesses, faith leaders, NGOs, teachers and influential individuals from around the world.

Over 500 global youth ambassadors in 85 countries have come together to launch the #UpForSchool petition. They will be joined at the rally by United Nations Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown, rights advocate Graça Machel, Angry Birds marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka, Ricken Patel of the campaigns website Avaaz, Hadiza Bela Usman from the #BringBackOurGirls movement, UN envoy on youth Ahmad Alhendawi and CNN’s Isha Sesay.

The rally is co-hosted by Theirworld’s education initiative, A World at School, and the Office of Special Envoy for Global Education in collaboration with the Office of the UN Special Envoy for Youth. It will be held at New York University’s Kimmell Center and will be followed by a public rally at 6pm in Washington Square Park.

Read more about the #UpForSchool petition.

Our aim is for #UpForSchool to become the largest petition in history, a message no government, politician or leader can ignore. Nothing changes without pressure. Stand #UpForSchool

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