Statement by Theirworld Chair and President on Ukraine conflict

Just days before the Russian invasion, 16-year-old Nastia stands in an empty school in eastern Ukraine where she was once a student. Shelling, mines and missiles have been part of everyday life for students along the "contact line" for years — Photo credit: UNICEF/Aleksey Filippov

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Sarah Brown and Justin van Fleet say action must be taken to "support children and their education during this heartbreaking crisis".

Today, as sirens sound and bombs are dropped, 7.5 million children in Ukraine have been placed at great risk due to the political escalation and its ensuing violence.

The most innocent victims of any conflict are children. With shelling already having damaged nursery schools and childcare centres, Theirworld is standing in solidarity with children everywhere to condemn acts of violence against young people. An attack on a child’s wellbeing or safety is an attack on all children.

All children have the right to play, learn and thrive without fear of violence.

Theirworld stands alongside our NGO partners and the international community in its call to end violence, protect the rights of children, take special measures to protect schools, hospitals and childcare facilities, and provide support to refugees – including a continuity of education and psychosocial support for children displaced due to the humanitarian emergency.

We will continue to monitor the situation and identify the best ways for Theirworld and our network of partners to support children and their education during this heartbreaking crisis.

Sarah Brown, Chair

Justin van Fleet, President


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