Taking the #UpForSchool Petition to schools in DRC

Since my return to Isiro, members of Afia Santé (my sponsor), and I met several personalities of the district to introduce ourselves and present the #UpForSchool campaign. Each time they welcome us well. The District’s Commissioner, first personality of the place, advised me to meet the tribal chiefs and promised to give us a document which will facilitate our campaign around the District.

We organised a meeting with directors of several schools of the city to present the campaign and the #UpForSchool Petition – and to get their support. We gave them petition sheets and they will organise themselves to get signatures in their respective institutions.

Jean-Pierre explains the petition to students at Kizito Institut

One of them invited us to come into his school to speak to parents directly during the ceremony of publication of the results. Then we met the chairpersons of parent’s committees of each school so that they could sign an authorisation for the under-age pupils. They were very enthusiastic.

On November 20, International Children’s Day, we visited many schools to raise children’s awareness of their rights and to present the petition. They were very co-operative despite the bad weather.

The same day we were received by the Bishop and we took some photos with him. Those photos will be useful around parishes and Catholic schools. Charismatic movement and revival churches are also committed to support us.

Jean-Pierre with the Bishop, Mgr Julien Andavo

Local radio stations were also contacted. I explained to them that we have no funding and so they accepted to present our campaign without charge. It was a big success for us because they have many listeners in the area, even in the distant villages.

Festivities will take place for the blessed Anuarite’s Jubilee (local blessed person. The town will be very busy welcoming many personalities and pilgrims coming from all over DRC and the world. I am planning to organise a rally with primary school pupils in order to spread our message widely and to get the most signatures possible. There will be an opportunity for us to give to the pilgrims the petitions so that they can take them back home.