UAE youth group helps with school kits for Gaza children

Children in conflicts

Education is the key to sustainable development. The Millennium Development Goals had a very special focus on achieving universal primary education and, as we move into the post-2015 era, we must ensure that civil society and policy makers continue to invest and build on making education a fundamental cornerstone of our global developmental agenda.

â¨Disasters, war and strife have severe impact on schools, children and on the educational infrastructure. Education is amongst the first casualties of war or disasters and this has a hugely detrimental effect on young people whose future and progress get drastically affected in the process.

Our children need “safe schools” and a protected “educational system”.â¨â¨ With this objective, scores of Green Hope UAE members took part in a laudable initiative of Dubai Cares to pack 50,000 school kits for the school children of Gaza as part of their “Rebuild Palestine: Start with Education” initiative.â¨

We spent a full day in assembling school kits that will provide the conflict-affected children the basic educational supplies required for school.

The contents of the kit, sourced by Dubai Cares in accordance with UNRWA guidelines, include a backpack, notebooks, sketch books, geometry kit, calculator, pencil case for stationery including pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, crayons, rulers etc.â¨â¨

It was a hugely fulfilling experience and we hope that this great initiative will help address the shortage in basic educational supplies in Gaza and provide the affected children a new hope and a better future.

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