20×20 challenge: Education Innovations

Theirworld's 20x20 challenge, where you only need 20 slides of 20 seconds each to learn the importance of supporting Education Innovations to end the global education crisis.

As part of Theirworld’s 20th Anniversary activities, we have launched the Theirworld’s 20×20 challenge, a series of insightful #PechaKucha-style presentations where you only need 20 slides of 20 seconds each to learn why the international community should be prioritising education around the world.

In this new episode of Theirworld’s 20×20 challenge, Angela Solomon, Theirworld and Innovation Team Projects Consultant, tells us why investing in innovative education projects is important, and how the Theirworld Innovation Awards programme is reaching over 2 million marginalised children.

According to UNICEF 600 million children and adolescents worldwide are not getting enough basic education in literacy and maths.

To solve this education crisis we need innovations that help us deliver quality education for all.

“And we need innovation that comes from the communities it seeks to serve, and works alongside students, teachers and caregivers to really find the right solution for each context.” – Angela Solomon

Theirworld’s Education Innovation Awards offers non-profits, NGOs and charities the chance to secure scale-up grants and resources to help their work in reaching overlooked youth and children.

Learn about Theirworld Education Innovation Awards

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