Education Innovation Awards

Every child has the right to A safe place to learn,
We work to help young people develop Skills for the future

About the project


Innovations are important in the education sector because we still have a long way to go before every child has access to quality education. We need new ways to tackle the global education crisis. Local organisations who deliver education for the millions of isolated young people around the world often lack the capacity or support to grow their promising, innovative ideas.


Theirworld’s Education Innovation Awards offer non-profits, NGOs and charities in countries with marginalised learners the chance to secure five-figure scale-up grants, mentoring and masterclasses to help them expand their offerings so that more children get the opportunities they deserve.

A boy uses LAL's Tabshoura platform in class

Eight winning programmes - supported with grants and mentoring - have directly reached more than 37,000 marginalised children and indirectly impacted more than two million people

Awards and previous winners

The first round of awards was launched in 2021. The winners of the second round were announced in 2023. A third round of awards was launched in June that year, with an emphasis on bold, creative programmes that specifically target marginalised children in their early years.

You can find out more about the awards and previous winners here: