Interview Special: Caroline Criado Perez


Better Angels Podcast

In this Better Angels Interview Special, Sarah Brown speaks to Caroline Criado Perez, a writer and feminist activist and one of Britain’s best known campaigners for women’s rights and visibility.

Starting with The Women’s Room project, a national campaign to call for female experts to be better represented in discussion, Caroline then took on the Bank of England, who were at risk of removing the only other female face, apart from the Queen, from British banknotes. This lead to the Bank of England announcing Jane Austen would feature on the £10 note. In 2018, Caroline’s latest campaign culminated successfully in the intsiallion of the first ever female statue, of suffragist campaigner Millicent Fawcett, in London’s parliament square, opposite The House of Commons.

Ever engaged as a feminist activist, Caroline works now to inspire and explore women’s participation in the democratic process, and has just published a new book Invisible Women.

Building on her interview in The Noise of Activism, you can hear Caroline’s full interview here, and explore what inspires her work.