Education unlocks climate action

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Education unlocks climate action. It helps people to learn about the causes and impacts of climate change, encouraging a shift towards more sustainable lifestyles. And education builds the knowledge and skills necessary to adapt and innovate to save our planet.

Young people are leading the way in calling for action to ensure everyone is able to learn more about climate change and understand the solutions to this crisis.

Our cross-curricular activities for ages 7-16 help young people to learn, think and act in response to climate change.

  • Discuss ideas, thoughts and feelings about climate change.
  • Think critically about the importance of climate education.
  • Learn about some of the inspiring ways in which Theirworld’s Global Youth Ambassadors are using education to unlock climate action.
  • Work collaboratively to take action for the planet in your school and community.

Education Resources

Download the resource for ages 7-11
Download the resource for ages 11-16
Download the slideshow for 7-16
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 7-11
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 11-16

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