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Education is one of the keys to unlocking a safe, fair and sustainable world for everyone. Tackling the climate emergency, narrowing the gender gap, combatting poverty, ending hunger – education is a critical tool in addressing many of the global challenges we face. 

With links to subjects such as geography and citizenship, these easily-adapted activities for ages 7-16 help young people to appreciate the power of education.

  • Reflect on your hopes and aspirations for the future and what changes you would like to see happen in the world.
  • Learn about the Sustainable Development Goals, the set of goals and targets aimed at making our world a better place.
  • Investigate how education can help these global goals to be achieved.
  • Creatively communicate your ideas about the importance of education in unlocking change.

Education Resources

Download the resource for ages 7-11
Download the resource for ages 11-16
Download the slideshow for 7-16
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 7-11
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 11-16

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