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Access to good health and well-being is a right for everyone. Huge progress in improving health outcomes has been made in recent years but many challenges and barriers still remain. 

Education and health are mutually reinforcing, both need to be addressed together. Education improves our health and well-being while better health increases a child’s chance of being educated.

Managing our well-being is an important life skill, helping us to cope with change and challenges in an uncertain world. Ideal for use in PSHE, these creative activities for ages 7-16 explore the importance of education in improving health and well-being.

  • Think about what it means to be happy, healthy and comfortable.
  • Investigate how education can help us to keep healthy and well.
  • Describe different emotions and understand why feelings might change.
  • Discover how a Theirworld project supported the well-being of vulnerable children during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Identify steps you could take to improve your well-being and that of others around you.

Education Resources

Download the resource for ages 7-11
Download the resource for ages 11-16
Download the slideshow for 7-16
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 7-11
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 11-16

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