Education unlocks support for refugees

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Crisis and conflict disrupt education. Refugee children are five times more likely to be missing out on an education. Almost half of all school-age refugee children are out of school and girls are less likely to be enrolled than boys.  

Education is one of the keys to unlocking the potential of children everywhere. For refugee children, schools can provide a routine and sense of normality, make new friends and have hope for the future.

With strong links to English and literacy, these activities for ages 7-16 use true stories from young Syrian refugees to help young people develop empathy and understanding.

  • Learn why people might move between or within countries.
  • Use stories and films to build empathy for people who have been forced to leave home.
  • Explore the potential impacts of being forced to flee home on your life and education.
  • Consider the importance of education and schools in helping young refugees to rebuild their lives.
  • Take action to make your school or classroom more welcoming for someone new.

Educational Resources

Download the resource for ages 7-11
Download the resource for ages 11-16
Download the slideshow for ages 7-16
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 7-11
Download the UK Curriculum Links for ages 11-16

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